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Creating a Real®Organisational Experience

To attract and retain top talents for survival and competitiveness, it is imperative for organisations today to relook how they address different areas of human resources. Traditionally, organisations invested in individual programmes that target culture, employee engagement, rewards and benefits, and learning and development in silos, often creating an inconsistency in the way employees experience the organisation as a whole.

In order to avoid such pitfalls, organisations need to pull all the different areas of human resources together and take a holistic approach in creating an overall employee experience—or as we call it, the Real® Organisational Experience—to meet the rising expectations of today’s talents. Doing so requires organisations to consider an employee’s journey with the organisation and carefully designing all its internal touch-points to provide the necessary positive experience that would increase the chances to retain these valued talents.

Impact of Real®Leaders on their Constituents

Dedicated to advancing organisations and building leaders through research-based OD solutions, Dr Lily Cheng and Dr Peter Cheng researched on what makes a Real® Leader who can engage, inspire and transform their constituents to achieve performance excellence, drawing from their  years of practitioner experience and empirical data in developing leaders across over 14 countries. They observed that Real® Leaders demonstrated eight key essentials comprising of leadership behaviours that are precursors to such performance excellence and organisational success.

9 Enablers of Successful Organisational Change

The 9 Enablers of Successful Organisational Change is adapted from Dr Lily Cheng’s journal article titled Enablers that Positively Impact Implementation of Organisational Change published in GSTF Journal on Business Review (GBR). It builds upon Armenakis and Bedeian’s theoretical framework on organisational change and explores the key enablers that have a positive impact on the implementation of organisational change from an OD practitioner’s point-of-view.

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