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With a Coach, you can:
Unravel possibilities
Overcome disempowering thoughts
Reframe situations
Navigate through complexity
Inspire forward action

Choose Your Preferred Coaching Experience

Email Coaching

A text-based coaching process at your own pace and time.

Love to write
On a limited budget
Keep coaching private
Remote coaching

Phone Coaching

Simple over-the-phone coaching sessions that can also be done via voice calls on Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber, Skype or LINE.

Love to express yourself verbally
On a small budget
Want to stay anonymous

Remote coaching

Virtual Coaching

Convenient and interactive coaching sessions over Zoom with a visual component.

Love things digital
Visual learning
Virtual face-to-face interaction
Remote coaching

Face-to-Face Coaching

The most effective coaching method that facilitates quicker understanding and a more personal relationship with your coach.

Love being around people
Hands-on learning
Share a dedicated coaching space
In-person interaction

Master Coaches

Lily Cheng, PhD

Dr. Lily Cheng is a thought leader and published author with over three decades of experience in the field of Organisation Development (OD). She has coached executives and management teams across the United States, Europe and Asia, and her skills are sought after by multinational corporations, large local enterprises and government bodies alike.
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Peter Cheng, PhD

Dr. Peter Cheng has helped senior leaders and teams throughout Asia, Europe and the United States diagnose the real issues that hinder their goal achievements and delivers results-oriented interventions. His extensive doctoral research in 360° Feedback & Evaluation to develop Real® Leaders cements him as a leading figure in the world of Organisation Development (OD).
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Jean Lee, M.A. (HRD)

With over 15 years of experience partnering with local and multinational organisations across Asia Pacific, Jean Lee is a passionate coach whose forte is leadership and strategic development for front line to senior level leaders. Her keenly analytical mind guides organisations by breaking down complex problems into step-by-step solutions.
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Looking for group coaching?

We facilitate group coaching to help participants face issues by collaborating to create interventions.