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We help organisations realise their shared aspirations with authenticity to attain organisational excellence.

At PACE, we believe that Being Real Matters.


FACILITATION & Executive Coaching

We advance organisations through OD-based solutions that restore relationships, build teams, equip leaders and their people, to achieve unprecedented possibilities.

Leadership Development | Change Management | Culture Building | Performance Management



We help organisations stay relevant by delivering digitalised, bite-sized learning and development solutions to equip people with skills needed for the future.



We license organisations and certify individuals world-wide with our real OD interventions to advance organisations by equipping their leaders and people.


 Real Leaders are able to engage and inspire their constituents to attain higher levels of excellence for the organisation’s success. What makes out a Real Leader, what impact does a Real Leader have, and how can you be one?

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Having impacted thousands of people and hundreds of organisations across Asia, Europe and the United States, we take pride in seeing people grow into their fullest leadership potential.


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