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 Real®Organisational Experience

Does your organisation provide an outstanding experience that is essential when it comes to retaining valuable people?

The Real® Organisational Experience (ROE) Assessment feedback is the foundation for creating an outstanding organisational experience that meets the rising expectations of people, and increases the chances to attract and retain them.
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Research Based
Leveraging decades of practitioner experience, our OD consultants built upon Deloitte’s Simply Irresistible Organisation™ Model and crafted the ROE framework as the foundation of the ROE assessment instrument. Expanding on Deloitte’s five elements and 20 factors of an “irresistible” employee experience, the ROE framework articulates the employee experiential statements categorised into the six dimensions, each consisting of four factors and 30 statements.
Printable, Detailed Report
Segmented into digestible sections and packed with attractive visuals, the ROE assessment report is designed to provide organisations with authentic insights into their current organisational experience at all levels of the organisation.
Holistic & In-Depth Approach
To attract and retain valuable people, it is imperative for organisations today to relook at how they address different areas of human resources. To do this, organisations need to pull all the different areas of human resources together and take a holistic approach in creating an overall employee experience — or as we call it, the Real Organisational Experience — to meet the rising expectations of their valuable people. Doing so requires organisations to consider an employee’s journey with the organisation and carefully designing all its internal touchpoints to provide the necessary positive experiences that would increase the chances to retain these valuable people.
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