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We provide you with workbooks and facilitator guides packed with OD-centric learning content and questions to focus discussion on day to day work challenges and solutions generated by your team.

Get together with your team to learn and improve your organisation’s performance, with each Real Learning module designed as a 90-minute session for an intact and cross-functional work team or virtual team.

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Promotes Learning & Development Culture
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Intra & Inter-Team Collaboration
Relevant & Adaptive to the VUCA Environment
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The VUCA business landscape demands individuals and organisations to be nimble, responsive and creative to thrive on the winds of change.  Thinking competencies are increasingly needed to be successful in various aspects of life and work including education, work, problem-solving, decision-making and communication. 

Developing strong thinking competencies can lead to improved decision-making, enhance problem-solving skills and help individuals and organisations to be more creative, adaptable and resilient to navigate the changes imposed by the changing world. 
Some of the Learning Modules:
Unleashing creativity
Thinking Creatively
Overcoming Creativity Block
Building a Creative Environment
Strategic Thinking Made Simple #1 - Strategic Thinking Simplified
Enterprise Spirit At Work
Critical Thinking - Be an Effective Problem Solver
Critical Thinking - Situational Appraisal
Critical Thinking - Effective Problem Solving
Managing people competencies are skills that enable individuals to effectively lead, mentor, motivate, engage and collaborate with others in a professional setting. They will also learn to be culturally sensitive to  work with diverse workforce from a myriad of cultures, to benefit from the diversity of a cross-cultural team setting. 
Some of the Learning Modules:
Transactional to Transformational Leadership
Mentoring for Success
Stakeholder Engagement
Motivation Factor
Government Relationship Management
Cross-Cultural Sensitivity #1 - Cultural Awareness
Work Life Harmony
Global Presence & Productive Employee
Real Conversations
Leadership competencies will equip managers and leaders to engage, inspire, transform and mobilise their people to be better version of themselves to achieve shared organisational goals.
Based on the Real Leaders framework, participants will learn discover the Who-ness and What-ness of a real leader to shape shape the organisation's culture and drive performance excellence. 
Some of the Learning Modules:
Competence - Learning Agility
Creating Inclusive Environment - Mindfulness & Listening
Compassion - Empathetic Leadership
Credibility in the Workplace
Performance Appraisal 3 steps of PM
People of today are travel more and hence have higher expectations from service providers and organisations. Delighting Customer Competencies provides individuals, teams and organisations with  the needed skills to create an impeccable service experience for customers to be thrilled and come back for more.
Some of the Learning Modules:
Essentials - Win them over
Essential - I feel so good
Engagement - Are you from mars?
Enablers - We are standing on a gold mine
Exuberance - I need a confidence boost
 Managing Differently provides managers with the skills to adopt when transitioning from traditional to more adaptive and employee-centred approaches.  As the workplace evolves, so do employee expectations. Hence it is imperative for managers to create a more inclusive, agile and empowering workplace, to effectively manage employee and talent performance and career development.
Some of the Learning Modules:
KPI Management for Appraiser
Meaningful Performance Conversations
Talent Management Skills
Potential Management Skills
Career Management Skills
Managing Your E2 At Work #1 - Organisational Efficiency
Managing Your E2 At Work #2 - Efficient & Effective Individuals at Work
Managing Your E2 At Work #3 - Efficient and Effective Groups at Work
Managing Your E2 At Work #4 - The Power of E2
Working With Teams Competencies equips individuals with the skills to effectively collaborate, communicate, influence and engage others within a team environment, to achieve shared organisational goals. More importantly,  individuals will learn to appreciate others' perspective and while suspending their inner voice to discover unprecedented possibilities to solving team issues and challenges. 
Some of the Learning Modules:
The Essence of Team Dialogue #1 - The Art of Team Dialogue
The Essence of Team Dialogue #2 - Advocacy and Inquiry
The Essence of Team Dialogue #3 - The Essence of Team Dialogue
Engagement Competencies equips individuals with the skills to effectively engage others through  collaboration, communication  conflict resolution and influencing within a team environment, to achieve business goals. They will learn to work with different personality and adopt influencing and persuasion skills to onboard others toward attaining common goals.
Some of the Learning Modules:
Building Trust in Teams
Knowing Me, Knowing You
My Team Profile
Celebrating Differences
Influencing & Persuasion Skills - Effective Influencing Techniques
Interpersonal Communication at Work
Enhancing Workplace Communication
Communicating with Impact
The Art of Team Conversation
Handling Sensitive Conversation

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