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Being Real Matters

Advancing Real® OD Practice is the heart of our business, helping organisations achieve their potential.

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Our Calling

At PACE, we are committed to advancing Real® organisational development (OD) practice, positively impacting organisations we work with.

We confront business realities with humility, courage and maturity. We're authentic in all our dealings and relationships. We articulate the truth with courage.

We embrace hard truths with adaptive actions instead of defensiveness.
At PACE, we strive relentlessly to help leaders be Real®, building transformational organisations from within. OD practice is the fruit of our efforts to be truer, better and greater versions of ourselves.

We’re OD doctors, coaches, facilitators, researchers and more — but most of all, we're friends.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Helping organisations realise shared aspirations with authenticity to attain organisational excellence.
We facilitate authentic stakeholder engagement through OD solutions that transform leaders, people and organisations.


Against the backdrop of a severe economic downturn in 1998, Dr Lily Cheng and Dr Peter Cheng founded PACE out of a desire to help organisations perform despite challenging environments.

Since then, PACE has stayed true to its purpose of advancing organisations and people through OD, providing real solutions to our clients’ people problems.

Lily's Story

A life lesson that I had gained at a young age defined my calling in life. As I did not come from a well-to-do family, my five siblings and I had lived in a one-room flat. I was thankful to have somehow gained the favour of a couple living next door, who had their home furnished with a refrigerator and a black & white television (luxury items back then). Out of kindness, and because I found favour with them, they would often invite me over to have an iced drink or to watch a television program together. I would subsequently ask my other siblings to join me whenever I was invited.

These neighbours taught me a very valuable lesson: As long as someone is willing to reach out and help another person, he or she would not only have helped that one individual, but also the others who are connected with him/her. This experience has left a great impression in my mind about helping people; if I could reach out to one person, then those connected to this person would also receive help. Isn't it amazing how we can touch many lives by beginning with one?

OD helps organisations to be change-capable but this process requires the engagement of leaders who are willing to help and be helped. My core calling to OD is thus: the possibility of doing what I can to reach out to organisational leaders, and subsequently their followers. This life mission simply excites me and I find this very fulfilling indeed. To this end, I am and will stay committed to transforming companies beginning with one individual.
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Peter's Photo
Peter's Photo

Peter's Story

In my first job back in 1983, I had a supervisor who did not believe in coaching or developing people. In one instance, I was very much left alone to manage a market research project which aimed to unravel the needs of our customers. Through much struggle and on-the-job learning, I managed to successfully complete the task three months later, to the delight of the General Manager. However, the unhelpful attitude that my supervisor displayed towards me persisted for following four years until I was eventually promoted by my GM to the post of Marketing Manager. I continued in my position  in this organisation for three more years before moving on to seek an advancement in a healthcare organisation.

There was a great contrast in this organisation because the General Manager was a firm believer of staff development. Till this day, I still remember her as a great mentor who left a strong imprint on my professional life. The contrasting treatment that I received from my supervisors at both organisations showed me the significant difference that coaching and development could make to one’s development in the cognitive, affective and psychomotive domains. Inspired by the General Manager-mentor, I began to coach my direct reports and colleagues alike in the rest of my career with 3 more organisations and truly saw the benefits of what coaching can do to unleash the best in others.
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