The Future of Learning
Realyse is a bite-sized mobile learning app for your organisation. A digital learning experience that provides OD-centric content that is fun and engaging to learn from.

With over 120 courses and counting, the mobile app provides a holistic learning approach with its extensive library of content, addressing all facets of every organisation’s working environment and experience.

Key Features

Learn on the go
Our mobile learning app is designed for employees to learn anytime, anywhere!
Curated with care, our learning content is organised into 15-minute bite-sized sessions so that learning is made easier, more digestible and more flexible to fit in busy schedules!
Based on Organisation Development (OD) principles and evidence-based practices, Realyse® offers an extensive library of content comprising of cognitive, social-emotional and psychomotive skills needed for succeeding in the workplace.
Practical & applicable
Based on the Kirkpatrick Model, Realyse® encourages learning to take place in four progressive stages: acquire, retain, apply and evaluate. These adult learning principles ensure that employees internalise what they learn to seamlessly apply the necessary skills back to the workplace.

6 Ways to Use Realyse

Self-Directed Learning
Empower your employees to maximise their own potential by being able to learn anytime, anywhere and at their own pace. With full access to our library of OD bite-sized learning content, they get the opportunity to expand their skills in their specific areas of need.
Blended Learning
Complementing our in-person workshops, Realyse® bite-sized learning can be adopted as a blended learning approach to complement traditional learning as a pre-, during and post-learning tool!
Customised Learning
From content to visuals, our courses are fully customisable according to your organisational learning needs and goals. Did we mention Realyse® can host your organisation’s onboarding process too?
Truly Mobile
New way of learning that allows learners to learn when they can, where they can to overcome the limited face-time at work or the difficulties of being as a global team.
Collaborative Learning
Collaborative learning promotes active learning among peers in learning new skills, perspectives, ideas and the ability to increase their shared understanding and encourage team application within a designated learning group.
Supporting A Learning Journey
Digital learning is often part of a learning journey that helps to reinforce competencies learnt or to further learn in areas that can enhance what has been taught in the learning journey.

Clients of Realyse

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Learning Library

Housed in 11 learning categories addressing different facets of the workplace, we are proud to present our ever-growing Realyse® learning library.

From effective working relationships, to thinking creatively to change management, learners are able to acquire current on-demand and future workplace skills to thrive in any working environment.

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