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About Real® Leaders
The Real® Leaders programme is a total leadership development solution for organisations that desire to champion a culture of excellence. It transcends transactional behaviours to transformational behaviours and delves into the heart of leadership. That is, being real to continually engage, inspire and transform people to become better than they could ever imagine.

Designed by practitioners for practitioners, each Real® Leaders Development Intervention is instructionally based on the Real® Leaders book to help organisations invest in people through a complete suite of products - from 360° feedback and facilitated programmes, to in-depth learning materials and action plan implementation.

Key Features

Powerful Skills-Equipping Workshop
Milestone Journey
Holistically Impactful
Experiential Learning
360° Feedback Assessment

Real® Leaders Framework

Research Based

Dr. Lily Cheng and Dr. Peter Cheng's latest research project features a survey study with 407 responses from working adults across various industries around the world. Published in the 2017 white paper "The Impact of Real® Leaders on Constituents", their findings revealed that the eight Essentials of Real® Leaders are predictive of 27 hypothesised positive outcomes amongst constituents.


As Organisation Development practitioners, Dr. Lily Cheng and Dr. Peter Cheng's extensive research and practitioner experience in developing leaders in more than 14 countries over the last 30 years led them to distil the 6Cs that characterise a Real® Leader: Character, Conviction with Courage, Credibility, Competence, Creating An Inclusive Environment and Compassion.

The first three Cs make up the "Who-ness" of a Real® Leader, while the other three Cs make up his or her "What-ness". What-ness complements Who-ness — but to complete the ‘equation’, Real® Leaders sustain organisational excellence by ensuring that they Shape Culture and Drive Performance.

Leadership Effectiveness

Shape Culture

Real® leaders unite internal stakeholders through their core values. They communicate core values to their constituents, holding them accountable and affirming behaviours and practices that reflect the organisation’s culture. 

Drive Performance

Real® leaders hold their constituents responsible for the agreed performance expectations. They provide timely feedback and support to ensure their constituents are on track towards achieving their team and organisation’s goals, rewarding deserving performers.



Real® leaders exhibit character that is built on morals, ethics and noble values. They applaud pro-social behaviours for the common good of others in the community. They inspire their constituents to embrace positive thinking and demonstrate nobility to make the world a better place. 

Conviction with Courage

Real® leaders embrace strong beliefs within ethical and moral parameters that affirm them to take a clear stand that will not waver when faced with invalid oppositions. They see opportunities in crisis and stretch their constituents to pursue an ennobling agenda that impacts the community 


Real® leaders are clear about their values and walk the talk that is aligned with their values. They enlist their constituents through role modelling shared values, promoting authenticity, trust and delivering promises. 



Real® leaders demonstrate expertise in what is expected and required of their position. They display a propensity to equip themselves and their constituents with the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes to perform their role effectively and efficiently. 

Creating An
Inclusive Environment

Real® leaders ensure that their constituents feel a sense of belonging in their team and organisation. They promote respectful and collaborative relationships that hinge on open communication and embrace diversity to harness synergy among team and organisational members. 


Real® leaders exercise care by empathising with others and showing concern for their holistic development. They appreciate their constituents’ predicaments and provide the needed support to them through life and work challenges.

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