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Real®Leaders 360°Assessment

Do you have the 8 Essentials of Real® Leadership?

Through the Real® Leaders 360° Feedback Assessment, leaders will get feedback on how others perceive them and their frequency in demonstrating the 8 Essentials of Real® Leadership at the workplace. The feedback forms a basis for your leaders to identify areas they need to grow to become Real® Leaders that engage, inspire and transform their constituents.
40 Behavioural Statements
These statements capture both quantitative and qualitative feedback from self and observers, providing a holistic clarity to the feedback that is essential for the participating leaders to devise development plans.
8 Key Leadership Development Areas
Leaders will receive feedback and insights on the extent to which they demonstrate character, have conviction with courage, show credibility, have the ability to shape culture, are competent, create an inclusive environment, have compassion and have the capacity to drive performance in the workplace.
Printable, Detailed Report
Leaders will get a handy portrait of their leadership in the organisation, through which they can clearly identify areas to initiate a positive change within the organisation. Group report option available.


Real® Leaders 360° Feedback Interpretation Service
To ensure that you reap the full benefits from your assessment results, a Real® Leaders Facilitator will guide you through the interpretation of the results.
Real® Leaders Skill-Equipping Workshop
A Real® Leaders Facilitator will help participants learn and demonstrate the behaviours based on the 8 Essentials of Real® Leadership.
Real® Leaders Post-Workshop Sustenance Programme
The programme optimises the transfer of learning of the Real® Leaders 360° Feedback Assessment through assignments, reviews and learning more about the 8 Essentials of Real® Leadership to develop Real® Leaders who engage, inspire and transform their constituents.
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