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About Real® Change
Developed from  Dr. Lily Cheng’s rigorous research into increasing the success rate of change management initiatives, Real® Change is designed to bring about holistic and long-lasting effects through multiple modes of engagement.

This ensures that change management initiatives cascade through the organisation and enable C-suite executives, middle management, as well as junior employees to play an active role in the change process. By equipping and aligning people to face the challenges that come with change, Real® Change provides the methodology for organisations to effect change successfully. 

Key Features

Powerful Skills-Equipping Workshop
Milestone Journeys
Facilitated Visioning Sessions
Group and Individual Coaching
Experiential Learning

Research Based

Dr. Lily Cheng conducted extensive research on 200 organisational change processes and distilled the 9 Enablers of Successful Change, that increase individual commitment to change. This has since been published in the Journal of Business Review and developed into our Real® Change framework. Broadly classified into three major groups - The Content, Context and Process of Change - these 9 Enablers can help your organisation achieve sustainable, successful change.

Real®Change Framework

9 Enablers of Change

Content Enablers

The content is the “what” of change - meaning the type or substance of change.

Perceived Gap

A sound reason for the need to change.

Desired State

The articulation of an ideal and ennobling future state.

Consistency of Change Message

Clear alignment of voices from those leading the change initiative at the highest level.

Context Enablers

The conditions in an organisation’s external and internal environments that influence the implementation environment of change.

Addressing Emotional Responses

Actions taken to ease intense emotions and redirect them into positive energy.

Building Trust and Credibility

Establishing the credibility by practising what is being preached, building and developing an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.

Transformational Change Agent

Leaders of change who have the ability to stimulate creativity and inspire others to work towards the desired change.

Process Enablers

This refers to the process of change, or the process of implementing change.

Communicating Change with Your Team

Creating an open channel of communication where a dialogue can occur between change agents and their teams.

Involving and Engaging Your Team

A consultative approach during the change process that leads to empowerment and commitment to change.

Monitoring Change Initiatives

Creating feedback systems to continuously monitor the change, thereby ensuring the stabilisation of new norms

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