Turning “Un-discussable Weaknesses” Into Positive Leadership Development

Independent studies conducted by the Conference Board, Bersin by Deloitte, and many other studies have indicated that leadership development is one of the most serious concerns facing organisations today. While everyone recognises the value of having strong leadership at every level of an organisation, businesses  struggle to develop leaders. 

A HBR survey reveals that 8 out of 10 employees thought their managers had an un-discussable weakness. Some respondents felt that their leaders were incompetent or unfair, while others said that their manager was disorganised (HBR, 2019). When organisations allow the silence around these issues to persist, it will negatively impact its leaders and organisation performance.

To thrive, organisations need to ask "What qualities are lacking among our managers to be great leaders in our organisation? How are our employees perceiving their leaders? How can we provide a platform for employees to provide the feedback to their leaders’ development?”

Developing leaders promotes employee engagement, elevates the organisation's capability to handle talent shortages and lowers turnover costs and disruptions. It is often much more cost effective in the long run to develop leaders than simply hiring someone externally.

Good leaders start learning.

Great leaders continue learning.

Competent leaders make great decisions about people. They cultivate, engage and  preserve their employees and talent.

According to a study by Deloitte, organisations with a greater level of "leadership maturity" are eleven times more likely to have capable leaders developing talent for competitive advantage. Such organisations are also seven times more likely to have leaders that inspire others. Developing leadership skills at all levels of an organisation is therefore vital. To be effective in their roles, leaders need to be equipped with critical competencies.

Our research-based PACE360° feedback is developed to help provide a platform for leaders to self assess and for employees to   provide important developmental feedback. 

PACE360° feedback assessment consists of two distinct but comprehensive assessment instruments to help People Leaders (frontline and functional managers) and Organisation Leaders (HODs and above) to function more effectively with their people. 

To learn more about how to assess leaders' competencies within your organization, contact us at connect@pace-od.com

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