Employee Development Asia-Pacific Strategy

Increasing commitment to professional development.
With a desire to be positioned as a leader in the area of employee development, Applied Materials saw the need to significantly increase its commitment to professional development. In addition, with the expectation that the majority of Applied Materials' growth would come from Asia, there was an increased focus on developing leadership and employee capabilities at its offices in China, India, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore.


PACE partnered with Applied Materials to review and understand its current Employee Development Culture through a documented audit. PACE then supported Applied Materials' top leadership in articulating the desired Employee Development Culture and designing a Strategic Employee Development Curriculum, which was rolled-out in its Asia-Pacific offices.

PACE also established Pre, Post, and During Metrics for successful implementation of the Employee Development Strategic programmes. Throughout the journey, PACE provided an online learning portal to ensure participation and ROI measurements.


The journey that Applied Materials embarked on in partnership with PACE in Asia-Pacific increased its employees' skills and knowledge, engagement, and has contributed to higher customer satisfaction and revenues.

Organisational Success For Personal Success

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