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The Professional Motivation Assessment

Motivation Factor Pin Pointer Pro is the professionals choice for motivation assessment. This comprehensive assessment tells you what to pursue – and what to avoid – in order to get and stay highly motivated.
Motivation Factor Pin Pointer Pro puts your primary motivators into words.
The assessment consists of 119 questions, and a personal 16-page, custom report will be immediately sent detailing your personal motivation factors.
Printable, Detailed Report
The report will be in both in PDF format (Pin Pointer Pro PDF) and in a storable and sharable format with your own personal Motivation Factor website (Pin Pointer Pro Web™).

The report includes the employee’s individual:

Top 5 Primary Needs and Talents
Total Motivation
(Weighted average of Motivation Capability, Intrinsic Motivation and Strategic Connection)
Intrinsic Motivation score
(Indicates how intrinsically motivated you are)
Motivation Capability score
(Indicates your responsiveness to extrinsic factors)
Strategic Connection
(Indicates how well you feel connected with the company strategy)
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