The Key to Building Lasting Motivation
About Real® Motivation
To mobilise employees’ lasting motivation, organisations need to not only put in place well-crafted extrinsic motivators but also guide individuals in finding intrinsic motivation from their work as well as equip them with the motivation capabilities to get and stay motivated. Real® Motivation targets often overlooked aspects of motivation to help your organisation take a holistic approach to building motivation that lasts. 

Powered by the Motivation Factor® Methodology, Real® Motivation takes a structured and goal-oriented approach to personal and organisation development and change. 

Key Features

Powerful Skills-Equipping Workshop
Milestone Journey
Holistically Impactful
Facilitated Consulting Services
Experiential Learning
Motivation Factor Assessment Tools

Real®Motivation Framework

A study by Boston Research Group reveals that external motivators (e.g. the employee engagement programmes and incentives so heavily invested in) only contribute 55% to our total motivation. The remaining 45% comes intrinsically from finding meaning in what we do (Intrinsic Motivation) and being able to identify what to pursue and avoid, to stay motivated (Motivation Capabilities). 

Built upon research and practitioner experience, Real® Motivationis designed to specifically address
these latter two (often overlooked) aspects of motivation. It complements an organisation's existing extrinsic motivators to achieve a holistic approach to building motivation that lasts.

Why Real Motivation?

Tailored to Your Organisation
While traditional employee motivation programmes often take a one-size-fits-all approach, Real® Motivation recognises that motivation is deeply personal and situational. Through Motivation Factor® assessments and our highly contextualised workshops, participants will address specific issues they face on an individual and/or team level in their everyday work.
Motivation is Necessary
A satisfied employee is not always a motivated one. Job satisfaction is when one finds enjoyment and fulfilment in their work. The impetus for our actions or culprit for our failure to act, however, stems from our motivation. Therefore, if we are to drive performance in our workplace, we must address employee motivation.
Change That Lasts
The key to sustained motivation lies in having both our extrinsic and intrinsic motivation satisfied and possessing strong motivation capabilities. Participants of our Real Motivation® workshops will be equipped with an understanding of each of these aspects and develop their own action plans to take ownership of their own motivation as contributing members of the organisation.
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