GET REAL - Leadership Tips For 2020

It’s a brand new year to have a fresh start to lead your people to places they have never been before!  That is, scaling new heights and expanding territories!  

To do these, may I encourage you to GET REAL. 


Be realistic and prioritise what you want to achieve with and through your team. Have no more than 3 SMART goals. Then, stick to them.


What did you do last year? What did you learn? What would you embrace and continue doing?

What would you change and differently? What would you avoid doing?

Time Utilisation

Our most precious resource as a leader. How can you use it wisely this year? 

Micromanage less? Enable others more? or perhaps Avoid being distracted by things that impede your goal achievement?

Relationships Building 

Connect with your people. The stronger the bond between you and your employees, the more you can achieve together.

Employee - Investment

Role-model them, coach them, mentor them, inspire them. 


Be courageous to articulate the truth. Confront brutal facts with actions, not defence. 

Be real in your relationships.  


Stay relevant. Learn new skills and keep up to date.

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