Cultivating and Developing Leaders For Future Growth

"PACE provided Pfizer with a very personalised approach to leadership development. PACE facilitated the discovery of my inner strengths and how we bond with other colleagues and understand their strengths and weaknesses. These are values that are already present in all of us, but PACE helped us to discover them."

– Dr. Prasad Kanneganti, Director, Quality Operations, Pfizer Global Manufacturing

Besides Pfizer Global Manufacturing's drive to push its technical and innovation limits in product manufacturing and distribution, the organisation also saw the need to focus on its leadership and management development in light of emerging challenges in the global healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Specifically, Pfizer yearned for its senior management team to bond and work together as an effective and cohesive leadership team. Pfizer also desired that its corporate culture be gradually assimilated and embedded in its leaders’ thinking and behaviours.


PACE rolled out The Leadership Challenge® for Pfizer over a period of six months, synergising Pfizer’s leadership model with PACE’s milestone leadership development approach during the process.

After every milestone workshop, the leaders were given the space and time to apply skills and techniques back at work before attending the next milestone workshop. This allowed Pfizer's leaders to consolidate and anchor their understanding and behaviours.


Communications, bonding, and working relationships among the senior management team improved following the extended leadership development programme that Pfizer undertook with PACE. Pfizer's leaders were also reported to be more engaged in their tasks and with their team members.

In addition, Pfizer's leaders re-discovered how their personal values could be aligned with the organisation's corporate values and beliefs for its continued success.

Enabling Real Business Outcomes through Employee Engagement

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