Build Authentic Relationships With Your Customers
About Real® Service
Real® Service is designed to build authentic relationships with customers to provide them with service experience beyond the knowing product features. Building authentic relationships requires organisations and service providers to intentionally invest effort into building, upholding and nurturing relationships that engender delightful service experiences. It requires Real® Service that manifests itself as a journey throughout the buying cycle, based on a deep passion to serve customers that forms the foundation for customer loyalty.

Through building authentic relationships with customers, service excellence can be cultivated intentionally in all types of organisations. Our Real® Service programmes target all levels of the organisation to embed service excellence within the organisation’s culture.

Key Features

Powerful Skills-Equipping Workshop
Facilitated Business Case Discussions
Milestone Journey
Holistically Impactful
Experiential Learning

Why Real Service?

Customer Service is a Key Brand Differentiator
CEOs worldwide have recognised the customer experience is starting to overtake price and product as a key brand differentiator (Conference Board, 2019). The future customer will see more value in the experience of using a product or service rather than in the actual product or service itself. According to the same study, more than two-thirds of CEOs now see the need to prioritise service in order to thrive in this competitive market environment.

On top of this, 95% of global consumers say that customer service is 'very important' or 'somewhat important' in their choice of and loyalty to a brand (2018 Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report).

“They see the importance of moving from a product-central approach to servitisation to enhance the customer experience. This approach turns customers involved in one-time transactions into ‘users’ who seek continuous interaction with the firms they deal with.”
— Chuck Mitchell, Executive Director of Knowledge, Content and Quality at The Conference Board
Workshops That Work
The four workshops of Real® Service are: Real® Service Essentials, Real® Service Engagement, Real® Service Enablers, and Real® Service Exuberance.

Developed by Dr. Peter Cheng, the workshops address the learning needs of service providers at different levels of their service competencies in the organisation. Each of these 2-day workshops builds on the other to provide learners with the competencies that are necessary for delivering Real® Service and making them organisation brand ambassadors.

For learners or organisations on a tight schedule, each of the four workshops also work as stand-alone programmes. Individually, each offers an important skillset that will equip learners to make a significant difference in the lives of their customers.

Our workshops are designed to incorporate a blend of learning methodologies that include varied service concept sharing, experiential activities, business case discussions, the wisdom of crowds, and role simulation to engage the learners.
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