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About Real® Culture
As a company evolves in its growth and maturity stages, its culture can either be more established or lost over time. Hence, senior management needs to ensure the sustenance of organisational culture especially in light of leadership changes.

Research shows that when employees have clarity and alignment of their personal core values with the organisational core values, they are more committed to their organisation. This is paramount for driving performance that contributes to organisational excellence.

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Real®Culture Framework

4-Phase Culture Intervention

Real® Culture provides the framework to facilitate a clear sense of values-driven culture that influences and drives organisational behaviours to achieve organisational goals.

Your organisation will be guided to articulate the organisation's core values, formulate strategies to communicate and cascade the values, ensure people live out their values, identify policies and practices that need alignment and implement key initiatives to sustain it.

4-Phase Culture Intervention

Inspired to help organisations create a Real® Culture that is fully aligned with its core values, Dr. Peter Cheng created a 4-phase culture intervention programme that begins with an organisation’s core values in mind.

Phase 1

We facilitate sessions with the senior leadership team to articulate the values and the associated behavioural statements that are to drive the behaviours of their organisation.

Phase 2
Communication & Cascading

We enable the HR/LD/OD team of organisations to initiate organisation-wide activities to ensure employee awareness and embracement of the articulated values.

Phase 3
Realisation & Alignment

This highly sought-after phase helps employees to experience the organisational core values and what it means to live them out daily. Employees will also be facilitated to review policies and practices that are not aligned to the values, for refinement and alignment.

Phase 4

This phase equips core values champions of the organisation with design initiatives that will sustain the values, ensuring the culture sticks. We partner with organisations to identify and train core value champions within the organisation to ensure the new culture takes off.

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