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Recognising that external motivators (e.g. the employee engagement programmes and incentives programmes) only contribute 55% to our total motivation, Real Motivation™ helps individuals, teams and organisations to understand and address the intrinsic aspects of motivation that come from finding meaning in what we do (Intrinsic Motivation) and being able to identify what to pursue and avoid, to stay highly motivated (Motivation Capabilities).

Through research-based assessments and their accompanying workshops, Real Motivation™ offers a range of solutions aimed to equip individuals and teams within your organisation to better understand and take control of their own motivation levels to become and remain highly productive contributors to your organisation’s success.

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Motivation Factor® Assessments

Powered by Motivation Factor®, the Pin Pointer Pro and Survey Plus assessments help individuals and teams gain insights into their motivation level. Specifically, the Motivation Factor® Pin Pointer Pro is designed to measure an individual’s Intrinsic Motivation, Motivation Capability and Strategic Connection as well as identify his or her top Needs and Talents. The Motivation Factor® Survey Plus assesses a team’s Intrinsic Motivation, Motivation Capability and Strategic Connection as well as identify the team’s collective Needs and Talents. In addition, it is also customisable to measure a team’s connection to the organisation Culture & Value.

Motivation Factor® Powered Workshops

Diving deep into individual and/or team assessment reports, the Motivation Factor® Powered Workshops are designed to equip individuals and/or teams with the knowledge and practical techniques to better understand and take control of their own motivation. In addition, participants will also be guided through developing and committing to their personal action plans in becoming highly motivated contributors of their organisation.

Skill-Equipping Workshops

Building upon team assessment results, our Skill-Equipping Workshops are crafted to help leaders and teams develop the skills necessary to understand and address specific areas of motivation in the workplace. These include diagnosing and attending to work performance problems as well as understanding and personalising motivation to different motivation-related performance, unleashing them to take charge towards being productive contributors to their organisational outcomes of the greater good of all.

Motivation Factor® Certification Programme

Designed for individuals and organisations interested to join the fast-growing network of Motivation Factor® Certified Practitioners, the three-day Motivation Factor® Certification Programme provides in-depth understanding of the theories behind Motivation Factor® and hands-on experience with both the individual- and team-based exercises used in the Motivation Factor® Powered Workshops. Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will become official Certified Practitioners of Motivation Factor®, fully equipped to facilitate Motivation Factor® Powered Workshops.

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