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Real®Conversations: Articulating the Voice of Truth
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Real Conversations: Articulating the Voice of Truth gathers concise nuggets of wisdom on how real conversations can build up both personal and professional relationships. Writing with a style that is at once conversational yet grounded in the visionary wisdom of her years, Dr. Lily Cheng helps readers practice the art of conveying the voice of truth through the unique proposition that life's most universal principles can and should be applied to organisation development — and vice versa.

“Real Beauty is not only being true to oneself but also others. I am glad Dr. Lily Cheng’s Real Conversations book has effectively shared on the ‘how’ we can engage in more real conversations with individuals and teams.”

- Serene Foo, Senior Director, Quality Service

“Real Conversations advises us on how to build competence, confidence and commitment - helping us to be more effective in seeking firstly to understand others, and making a difference in our personal and professional lives.”  

- Nguyen Minh Tam, Director of HR Development & Change Management, Prudential Vietnam Assurance Pte Ltd

"Real Conversations is about presenting your voice of truth and addressing critical issues or concerns. It is not only a useful tool for business, but also for every person's daily life."

- Fan Mu, Assistant Professor, School of Aerospace Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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