Leveraging Situational Awareness In Times of Crisis

Natural disasters are an unavoidable, yet sometimes predictable occurrence across the globe, and it is important to learn from them and prepare for them. As the world navigates these uncharted and unusual times, it is essential to consider how organisations and their leadership can use this same thought process and take primitive measures. 

With the rising geo-political tensions between the superpowers, the Ukraine invasion, and more amid the happenings of natural disasters that bring rippling effects across nations and economies, it is essential to consider how organisations and their leadership can apply situational awareness and be more prepared in these times of crisis.

Situational awareness is knowing what is going on around you, which is critical for good decision-making in many environments. So how can leaders apply situational awareness?

  1.  By using all our five senses to see what is happening in both the macro and micro environment.
  2. Take actions to leverage opportunities presented and to navigate foreseeable challenges.

Leaders should apply situational awareness with their teams in order to keep a vigilant eye on what is happening within and around them. By regularly monitoring and discussing the events amid their operating domains.  They can gain collective wisdom to devise measures to help the organisations thrive on the opportunities and challenges that present their ways. 

What’s happening in the landscape your organisation is operating in? What opportunities or challenges do you see ahead?

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