The essentials of real leadership

Real Leaders who exercise compassion are able to empathise with their constituents’ predicaments and provide the needed support to see them through. 

Working at the forefront of leadership development and organisational culture, PACE's unique approach to organisation development combines strategic partnerships with global thought leaders, unwavering commitment to research-based best practices, and 18 years of deep and diverse experiences across Asia and beyond. 

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help! I just got promoted! Top 3 things to take note of 

Congratulations, you just got promoted! A promotion is a huge moment in your career, a milestone that is worth celebrating. I can imagine you would have gone through a mixture of these emotions: excitement, nervousness, and even surprise. 

In order not to ‘get lost’ in your new role, here are the top 3 things that I found helpful in navigating this change based on my personal experience.

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