What is OD?



Organisation Development is a practice based on the behavioural sciences. This means we’re looking at the systematic analysis and investigation of human behaviour at work.

“Organisation Development is a systemwide application of behavioural science knowledge to the planned development and reinforcement of organisational strategies, structure, and processes for improving organisational effectiveness.” 
— Cummings & Worley (1997)

Practicing OD means developing and reinforcing organisational strategies, structure and processes with the goal of improving an organisation’s effectiveness. At PACE we especially focus on developing an organisation’s leadership, change, culture and performance.

Sometimes, it is evident that an organisation is in need of development in some areas, but there are cases in which organisations lack clarity about development needs. For these cases, we have created a quick and simple self assessment to ascertain your organisation’s effectiveness. This will show you which areas your organisation are in need of development.