Vivienne Liu


As the Research & Development Specialist at PACE OD Consulting, Vivienne works closely with its OD team to develop innovative OD solutions for PACE’s clients across the region. She engages in market research projects which are critical for shaping PACE’s strategic OD solutions, allowing the team to keep abreast of the rapid market changes and development needs.  

Instrumental in contributing to the instructional design of PACE development programmes, Vivienne works closely with the senior management team to validate its proprietary products, employing her skills in statistical research to ensure the sustenance of PACE’s programme quality.

Vivienne is effectively trilingual and began her career as a freelance translator. She has translated over two dozen publications from Thai to English and a computer software from Mandarin to Thai. During her internship, she served as a Junior Community Manager at a media production firm where she initiated a customer relationship management program for existing clients.

Vivienne holds a Bachelor of Business Management in Corporate Communication and Psychology awarded by Singapore Management University. Vivienne is also a self-taught designer who loves to explore and be inspired by new places. 

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