We are resolved to facilitate learning in organisations.

The average life expectancy of a skill is 5 years (Deloitte, 2017), after this time it’s likely to be irrelevant.
To stay relevant therefore, organisations are encouraging continuous learning of skills and growing of competencies. 

The key problem is, employees have trouble finding time to learn (LinkedIn, 2018). 


Oftentimes, learning is seen as a desirable add-on to the already overflowing workload of employees (Harvard Business Review, 2018). Framed this way, it is only natural that learning new skills doesn’t get the deserved attention.

To create a culture in which people grow and learn, leaders need to promote learning as an expectation, not an option (Harvard Business Review, 2018), allowing them to invest some of their time into acquiring new skills. This will result not only in a more skilled and equipped workforce, but will also improve employee retention: 94% of employees say investing in their career development would make them more willing to stay with the company (LinkedIn, 2018).

Does your organisation have a learning culture in which people continually learn and grow?


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