A static three-to-five year strategic plan is no longer sufficient for organisational sustainability. With the evolving strategies of competitors and the shifts in the business environment, firms need to ensure that their business strategy is aligned with the current circumstances. The only way to achieve this is through strong strategic thinking and planning, a process of defining a strategy through asking critical questions, and following through with decisions that will allocate resources accordingly.

By building up the strategic thinking and planning capabilities of key leaders, organisations will be able to create and adjust their plans according to the environment, leading to organisational sustainability. Through a facilitated process of evaluating the past, reviewing the present and envisioning the future, organisations take into consideration all the possible consequences of each decision made and action taken. Through this structured solution, PACE will reshape the mindsets of these critical leaders, equip them with the necessary knowledge and tools and boost their effectiveness in strategic thinking and planning.



Organisations seeking to develop a viable and effective organisational strategy that facilitates ownership in its members.



  • Increased productivity
  • Greater sales and earnings growth
  • Doubles the long-term likelihood of survival
  • Improved financial performance



  • Interactive Concept Sharing
  • Hands-On Learning and Working Session
  • Facilitated Visioning and Strategy-creation process
  • Self-Help Guides and Templates



Our OD services will result in:

  • Alignment of leaders' strategic thinking and planning to the changing landscape of the industry/environment and appreciation of their role as a strategic thinker and planner.
  • Appreciation of the underlying principles, assumptions and bias of strategic thinking and planning.
  • Acquisition of the knowledge of strategic thinking and planning.
  • Viable and effective business strategies for the identification and development of specific actions to achieve the organisation's goals.
  • Context-specific templates and tools for establishing the vision, mission and core values that will facilitate the creation of business plan.
  • Greater incentive and responsibility to translate strategic plans into actions.