Whenever there are changes in the internal or external business environment, there will be a need to realign the strategy of the organisation. Such changes could range from a new top management team assuming office, introduction of new technology or even an upcoming market leader. Organisations have to be proactive in determining the most appropriate strategy that will allow them to thrive in dynamic, ever-changing environments.

Balancing the demands of daily operational issues, PACE’s Strategic Realignment solution provides organisations with a platform to monitor, review and re-align certain components when necessary. Such evaluations will ensure that an organisation’s goals, structure, processes and resources stay focused, streamlined and flexible to effectively fulfill its purpose and achieve that desired end state.


Organisations seeking to review and realign their organisation's vision, mission and strategy to ensure their relevance for the realisation of peak organisational performance.



  • Increased productivity
  • Greater sales and earnings growth
  • Doubles the long-term likelihood of survival
  • Improved financial performance



  • Interactive Concept Sharing
  • Hands-On Learning and Working Session
  • Facilitated Visioning and Strategy-creation process
  • Self-Help Guides and Templates



Our OD services include:

  • Thorough review of your organisation’s vision and mission to determine their validity.
  • Comprehensive realignment of business plans, strategies, goals and work plans to the refined vision and mission, through the usage of customised tools and templates.
  • Better understanding of critical success factors of an effective organisation and ways of creating or enhancing them in your organisation.
  • Enhancement of the competencies of strategic realignment for the leading of future opportunities.