Sarah De Winne

marketing director

As the Marketing Director at PACE OD Consulting, Sarah champions brand-led digital communications and business development for PACE client-facing touchpoints. She works closely with the OD catalysts to bring its growing range of OD solutions in leadership, culture, change, people and performance to large enterprises and multi-national firms.
Since joining the company in 2015, she’s led a major brand transformation with the team of dynamic creative catalysts to rejuvenate the company's corporate communications. In light of discoveries from her concurrent business development role, Sarah actively conceptualises and implements new marketing initiatives and outreach strategies. Previously, Sarah was Business Development Director at typography-led creative studio Relay Room, where she led brand strategy and consulted for business leaders and marketing directors in lifestyle, culture, technology and media companies seeking to create new brand experiences. Her clients have included Luxola, SPH Unionworks, National Heritage Board (Singapore), Naumi Liora and OCBC Bank. 

With career foundations in the arts, media and entertainment, Sarah is also an award-winning singer-songwriter and ex-radio DJ on Singapore's premiere news and information station, 938LIVE. A graduate of the National University of Singapore, she holds a Bachelor or Social Sciences (Hons.) in Psychology and Theatre Studies and has had more than 7 years of regional experiences in project management, media and public relations, music production, public performance, hosting and moderation. Sarah is training up the next generation of musical and artistic talents at home — her beautiful daughter and irresistibly cute son have already started to sing her self-penned songs.

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