Santen Pharmaceutical Asia

Developing Leaders For A Successful Tomorrow


Santen's senior leaders saw the pressing need to develop their leadership pipeline, equipping their people with the competencies needed to lead the organisation in its internationalisation efforts. 


PACE was the preferred partner to journey with their budding leaders, and designed an OD solution that was highly-customised.

PACE believes that leadership development is not a one-off classroom learning event. Hence, PACE's master coaches and facilitators partnered Santen's young leaders in a 9-month development journey which involved a combination of learning events and executive coaching sessions.

The suite of development solutions facilitated personal reflection, group interaction, discussions, as well as real-world applications. The leadership journey also involved post-workshop assignments to ensure a transfer of learning.


At the conclusion of this programme, senior leaders saw a positive change in the leadership behaviours of the participants. Leaders showed greater enthusiasm in their roles, and were in greater alignment with the organisation’s expectations.

“I believe this learning journey allowed me to explore myself and understand my leadership personality. I learned about leading with compassion because as a leader, I have to balance leading with compassion and wisdom.

I am now able to use compassion to influence my team to work towards achieving organisational goals.”

– Leader at Santen Pharmaceutical Asia