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Common wisdom holds that real relationships are never easy to sustain. But the truth is that we need to invest in efforts to build and sustain relationships with others. We reap what we sow. Hence the key question to sustaining real relationships is not about “How easy could it be?” but “How much do we desire to have them?”


Building real relationships begin with the unmasking and embracing of our true selves before we can value others and genuinely connect with them. The foundation to building real relationships is nestled on how consistently we display our true selves in the variety of roles we play in life. 


This book aspires to show you how you can build real relationships by taking time and creating space to nurture healthier and stronger real relationships within your circle of influence. Apart from providing sound concepts on the importance of having real relationships, it offers relationship management tools that are easy to apply. 


Dr. Lily Cheng is a strong advocate and champion of real relationships with her family, workplace and other social communities. True to the observations of those around her, many of those who really know her would agree on how much she invests time and creates space to build real relationships with others. 


Get this book today and embark on your journey to build real relationships that matter!

About the Author

Founder of PACE O.D. Consulting, Dr. Lily Cheng is a visionary and thought leader in the field of Organisation Development (OD) in Singapore. As an OD consultant, executive coach, and facilitator, Lily’s personal mission is to inspire others with real help. Working with both business and people strategy components to increase organisational effectiveness. Lily challenges her learning partners to reframe their beliefs and assumptions, helping them find the equilibrium between psychological risk and safety in order to catalyse behavioural and organisational change.

Lily also regularly researches, speaks and publishes on OD issues both locally and abroad, having presented at The Leadership Challenge Forum 2015, San Francisco, and published in the Journal on Business Review (GBR) with her Ph.D. paper, “Enablers That Positively Impact Successful Implementation Of Organisational Change From The Perspective of OD Practitioners”.


She has authored and co-authored books such as Leading Lights (2007), The Language of Organisation Development (2013), Real Leaders (2013) and Real Help (2016).