Real Performance™

Retain your greatest talents, attract potential candidates and engage your employees.

Real Performance

Does your organisation have a compelling employee experience?

A compelling employee experience goes beyond just employee perks and benefits. It includes a holistic strategy encompassing the strategic, operational and HR perspectives to strengthen your organisation’s Human Capital Value Proposition.

Real Performance™ helps your organisation achieve this. Our unique OD solution aligns the three core pillars of people strategies with your organisation’s business strategy for a successful, comprehensive employee strategy.




Strategic perspective: employee performance

This begins from the strategic perspective, where we partner your organisation to help employees link organisational goals with their daily activities. This helps them align employee actions with the organisation’s goals, bringing out the best in them.



Operational Perspective: Employee engagement

At the operational level, we empower your leaders to engage their teams in their daily work, to help employees keep sight of the vision and achieve their goals. This has proven useful - Gallup has found that companies with engaged employees outperform the competition by as much as 202%.

Operational Perspective: Employee Engagement (2)

SHRM has found that 40% of employees are considering employment outside of their current firm within the next year. Don’t pay the price of losing your best talents! We help you chart a course to succeed by helping you develop an effective employee retention strategy, by connecting organisational excellence to people management and learning to use a comprehensive potential management system to create, build and sustain talents.

It is really mind opening to know something that seems simple has so much meaning behind; how different appraisals being set can bring out different “values” for other people.
— Changi Travel Services, Performance Appraisal Skills for Executives