Performance Appraisals


Development Planning

You should focus a reasonable amount of time coming up with a development plan when appraising your employees’ performance. You will be showing interest in their future and at the same time increasing their productivity.

[1MinuteOD] Development Planning

Watch Gabrielle Lee explain, how to create an impactful development plan!

Meaningful Performance Appraisal Conversations

Having conversations about your employees’ performance can be challenging. Here’s how you can approach those conversations feeling confident, competent and committed.


[1MinuteOD] Bringing Meaning to Appraisal Conversations

Watch Jean Lee on how to have meaningful appraisal conversations with your employees!

Goals That Drive Performance

After appraising the performance of your employees, make sure to inspire them to create goals that actually drive work improvements. 

[1MinuteOD] How to Set Goals

Watch Jonathan Edward on how to set the right goals that will drive the performance of your employees!