How do you effectively develop your people?

One of the keys to sustainable behavioural change lies in having the employees’ full commitment—their buy-in that the behavioural change will result in the desired outcomes. The question then is: How do we obtain this?

We have successfully achieved this buy-in through what many call the "Aha!" moments. Our tried and tested CAP model sees a transformational change in learners through the addressing of their Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotive needs pertaining to the competencies being addressed. Our holistic approach of equipping learners with both the science of knowledge and the art of application have seen many achieving the personal and professional breakthroughs that were sought after.


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Recognising that external motivators such as salary and workplace incentives only contribute to 55% of our total motivation (Boston Research Group), Real Motivation™ helps individuals, teams and organisations to understand and address the intrinsic aspects of motivation that come from exploiting our talents, having our needs met, identifying the purpose in what we do, as well as being able to identify what to pursue and avoid, to stay motivated. Through Motivation Factor assessments and one-day workshops, Real Motivation™ enables individuals and teams to measure their motivation and find out exactly what it takes to keep themselves highly motivated.

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Employee development has been recognised as a critical key to employee engagement, and companies who invest in such efforts will find themselves rewarded with a developing talent and leadership pipeline that will ensure the sustainability of the business towards 2020.

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Leading and Managing People (LAMP) provide a solid foundation of management practices for senior managers and other selected managers. The modules have been designed with a milestone development concept, so as to provide a more effective and customised modular approach towards management development. The four modules are as follows: Leading Self, Managing Power Relations, Developing Peer and Staff Relations, and Building Capabilities.


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Effective Working Relationships (EWR) is a trademark of PACE OD Consulting since its inception. EWR 1-day workshops clinches upon MBTI® personalities profile results to develop unique approaches for each person based on their personality styles. These workshops will also equip participants with understanding and appreciation of different personality styles to foster effective working relationships.


Real Conversations: Articulating the Voice of Truth

Written from 30 years of Dr. Lily Cheng's experience as one of Singapore's pioneers in the field of Organisation Development, Real Conversations: Articulating the Voice of Truth gathers concise nuggets of wisdom on how real conversations can build up both personal and professional relationships. 

Honest and compelling, Real Conversations unerringly captures how everyday conflicts are opportunities for critical conversations that build commitment, competence and confidence. Going straight to the heart of why real conversations are often difficult for us, the book elucidates key principles across psychological and dialogic frameworks to facilitate transparent and productive relationships at work, and strengthen openness and trust in our personal relationships.  

Writing with a style that is at once conversational yet grounded in the visionary wisdom of her years, Dr. Lily Cheng helps readers practice the art of conveying the voice of truth through the unique proposition that life's most universal principles can and should be applied to organisation development — and vice versa.