What does a partnership with PACE OD International look like?


As a Licensed Partner (Organisations) or a Licensed Facilitator* (Individuals), you’ll be an advocate and promoter of the respective licensed product within your own country. In addition, you’ll provide pre- and post-workshop services to interested clients.

As the Licensing Partner, PACE OD International provides the training, workshops, latest R&D and pre-release product updates, and marketing materials. We work closely with both our Licensed Partners & Facilitators* to achieve the projected growth of programmes in their respective markets.

*We are in the midst of finalising our certification programme for Licensed Facilitators


Come and realise our vision with us if you are a like-minded OD practitioner who is customer-oriented and passionate about advancing organisations.


  1. Partner PACE in the noble vision of developing leaders for the greater good of organisations and society at large

  2. Have market-ready OD solutions that serves the developmental needs of various groups of senior executives, organisation leaders, managers and people, who are the target group for most organisations' leadership, management and executive development programmes

  3. Leverage on PACE OD's know-how to complement your organisation’s offerings to your clients

  4. Differentiate and strengthen your organisation’s market positioning as an Organisation Development solution partner

  5. Create additional sources of business revenue and increase overall market share for your organisation.

Becoming a Licensed Partner

Our partners are first equipped through a comprehensive certification process that ensures their seamless licensed delivery of our Real OD solutions.

The PACE OD International certification and support process for our Licensed Partners primarily consists of 6 phases:


Our Licensed Partners