PACE360° Feedback Assessment System examines the transactional and transformational leadership competencies for leaders who desire to master management and supervisory skills globally, in Asia and beyond, to build organisation effectiveness in a time where profitability and performance are emphasised to the neglect of developing leaders.

Drawing from global competency libraries, we have tested and affirmed the validity of the constructs. PACE360° Assessment System measures 12 competencies that are grouped into 3 categories to provide a holistic feedback of a leader. By using a 7-point Likert Scale, the responses have a higher accuracy and nuance than 5-point scales.

PACE provides the option for group or one-on-one interpretation of the report by an experienced OD facilitator to create SMART action plans for further leadership development.


The PACE360° Assessment System is developed with the vision to develop effective leaders to make a significant difference in their organisations. With extensive research and deliberations, PACE has developed 2 comprehensive 360° feedback assessments for the front line managers and HODS & above categories of Managers.


The PACE360° Organisation Leader Assessment provides senior leaders with feedback that mirrors their effectiveness in demonstrating competency behaviours that are instrumental for spelling their success as leaders of leaders.

Through PACE360°, senior and organisation managers will:

  • Reflect on leadership competency behaviors that include visionary thinking, being global oriented.
  • Leverage feedback on building external partnerships, and garnering customer insights that give them competitive advantage
  • Enjoy feedback on how they lead change initiatives, drive growth with seasoned judgement guided by ethical practices
  • Consider how they value talents, build teams, influence and enable others to act, with the main goal of helping them craft a leadership development plan to becoming a more effective leader in the workplace



The PACE360° People Leader Assessment is designed to provide feedback to these functional and frontline managers on their effectiveness in influencing, enabling and managing their people to support key decisions and policies needed to advance their organisation to greater heights.

Through PACE360°, these functional and frontline managers will:

  • Reflect on how they manage change and drive performance while upholding clear ethics and values
  • Leverage feedback on external enablers such as building partnerships, customer focus and scanning the environment for business opportunities and managing potential threats facing the organisations
  • Consider their behaviours in engaging visionary thinking to bring their department forward with a global perspective beyond the local business landscape
  • Be imparted with the importance of establishing external partnership and leveraging customer insights to create value for their customers
  • Reflect on how they demonstrate seasoned judgment among other important competency behaviours



The PACE360° Feedback Assessment System is designed with the following features to provide accurate and quality feedback reports that People Leaders and Organisation Leaders can utilise to develop their leadership competencies.

  1. PACE360° emphasises the need to master both transactional and transformational leadership skills, allowing leaders to use PACE360 as a valuable platform to garner feedback and develop holistic leadership behaviours.
  2. PACE360° consists of different but related constructs for People Leaders (frontline and functional managers) and Organisation Leaders (HODs and above), helping all leaders in the organisation establish a common leadership language.
  3. PACE360° constructs measure a leader’s competency behaviour frequency in External Business Enablers, Internal Business Enablers andPeople Enablers, aligning a leader’s leadership behaviours with desired organisational excellence and growth.
  4. PACE360° captures both quantitative data andqualitative data, allowing the creation of a detailed report, analysis and implications for a leader’s development action plan.
  5. PACE360° captures accurate feedback data from raters by using a 7-point Likert Scale.



PACE360° Certified Facilitator will facilitate the objectives of the feedback exercise and meanings of its constructs for the leader (ratee) to:

  1. Understand the constructs as to avoid misinterpretation
  2. Embrace objective mindset in self assessment and selection of raters
  3. Foster positive attitudes towards the feedback report and change


PACE OD International or its local distributors will up the PACE360° Feedback Assessment System on the PACE360° online portal. This includes sending invitations to leaders and observers for participation, managing timelines, generating reports and post-feedback follow up if necessary.


Interpretation of the PACE360° Feedback Assessment Report by a PACE360° Certified Facilitator to provide detailed analysis of the feedback, facilitate the understanding of the report and implication of the actions to be taken as part of the development plan.


Skills-equipping workshops that will see the participants of the feedback program learn and demonstrate the behaviours based on the 12 competency clusters. Providing the necessary instructionally designed workshops by the Certified Facilitator that is aligned with the competencies of the PACE360° Feedback Assessment constructs


Post Feedback Sustenance Program optimises the transfer of learning of the feedback exercise by doing assignments, reviews and learning more about the competencies of PACE360° Feedback Assessment to appreciate the benefits.