Enabling Organisations to Thrive Globally

Are you an OD practitioner looking for quality programmes? 

PACE OD International envisions organisations thriving in the evolving global economy through collaborating with local Licensed Partners to deliver our quality OD content worldwide.

With expertise in Leadership Development, 360° Feedback Administration and Interpretation, Values-based Culture Development, Service Excellence, and Change Management, our founders Dr. Peter Cheng and Dr. Lily Cheng, have spearheaded the creation of OD solutions that holistically build and maintain the health of organisations.

Our partners are first equipped through a comprehensive certification process that ensures their seamless licensed delivery of our Real OD solutions. We also keep our partners up-to-date with our latest R&D and innovations in OD, and provide the CRM and MIS support for our OD products and technology-based tools.

Come and realise our vision with us if you are a like-minded OD practitioner who is customer-oriented and passionate about advancing organisations to achieve their aspirations and sustain organisational effectiveness. Far more than yielding benefits of a strategic partnership, we believe that our joint commitment and efforts will reap breakthroughs for organisations all around the world.