Realyse™ mobile learning app is an OD-centric bite-sized mobile learning solution to meet your organisational learning needs in this digital age. 


The Changing Needs of the Workplace

According to World Economic Forum (2016), one third of the skills considered important today will change in a short period of five years. These new realities are placing huge demands on learning in this digital age (Deloitte, 2017). Organisations have to rethink ways of delivering learning and development initiatives. 

Mindful of this age of automation, maintaining technical fluency across roles will be critical, but the pace of change is fueling demand for adaptable, critical thinkers, communicators, and leaders. However, while employees want to learn, one of their biggest challenge is finding the time to learn (LinkedIn, 2018). 

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Key Features


Learn on the Go

Realyse™ mobile courses are friendly for employees to learn anywhere anytime!


Bite-Sized Learning

Realyse™ courses are curated in 15 minutes bite-sized sessions. It is easier for employees to digest the learning and fit learning in their busy schedules.

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OD-Centric Content

Realyse™ offers a library of content comprising cognitive, social-emotional and psychomotive skills needed for succeeding in the workplace. These courses are based on Organisation Development (OD) principles and evidence-based practices. Organisation Development (OD) is a systematic organisation-wide approach to enhance an organisation’s effectiveness, through planned interventions and behavioural-science knowledge.


Practical & Applicable

Based on adult learning principles, Realyse™ courses encourages learning in four stages: acquire, retain, apply and evaluate. These tailored courses help employees internalise the necessary skills and facilitate application in the workplace.

With over 100 bite-sized learning sessions, discover our growing learning library HERE! While structured face to face workshops are not yet irreplaceable, Realyse™ bite-sized learning can be adopted as a blended learning approach complementing traditional learning! Our courses are fully customisable according to your organisational learning needs and goals. Choose to host your organisation on-boarding process or proprietary courses on Realyse™!