Celebrating our 20th Anniversary

Pace has been advancing organisations & people with organisational development diagnostics & solutions since 1998. It has grown into a multi-cultural team of professional and dynamic individuals who use their diverse experiences and deep expertise to develop, design, and deliver research-based OD solutions which, to date, have impacted more than 135,000 individuals from over 600 organisations in 17 industries across Asia, Europe, and North America.

This year Pace has turned 20! Celebrating with us are a number of our most valued OD experts, partners & clients, sharing their well wishes & heartfelt testimonies.

THANK YOU for your effort in creating these lovely videos & words, sharing  your congratulations & well wishes with us! We can only return all the best wishes back to you! Above all, we are grateful for everyone of you out there, without whom Pace couldn't have evolved into what it is today!

Thank you for you encouraging words and congratulations, Professor Edgar! You continue to be inspiring to us everyday!

Thank you for you encouraging words and congratulations, Professor Edgar! You continue to be inspiring to us everyday!

"Dear Lily and Peter and the staff of Pace Consulting—Heartfelt congratulations on your 20th anniversary. You have done an outstanding job of building an effective organization development consulting practice that brings the best of OD to southeast Asia. I am specially impressed with your ability to integrate the cultural assumptions of OD practice in the west with the realities of what organisations in the different cultures of southeast Asia expect and can use. In our partnership you have always shown your empathy for working in all these different cultures. I congratulate you and wish you all the best for another 20 years of helping organisations to deal with the human problems of our chaotic modern times.”


BASF - Gustavo Palerosi Carneiro 

Thank you Gustavo for wishing us a happy 20th Anniversary and success together with our partners, customers & employees'! We look forward to continue our success with you!

Jfeel Group 

Thank you to Jfeel Group for sharing this fun video with us, congratulating us on our 20th Anniversary! Keep up that energetic spirit, spreading joy!

Our partners from Beijing Head International Consulting - Wang Li & Hai Shan 

Thank you to our partners Wang Li and Hai Shan of Beijing Head International Consulting for wishing us a happy anniversary & all the best for the future! We look forward to continue a great partnership with you over the next years to come!

National Gallery Singapore - Chong Siak Ching

Thank you Siak Ching for you well wishes on our 20th Anniversary & sending us your encouragement to further create lasting impact and outcomes for organisations! We can only return your words, it has been a pleasure to work with you, too!

Prudential Vietnam 

Thank you to Prudential Vietnam for wishing us a happy 20th Anniversary as well as continuing health & success! All the best back to you!


We love SHARING. Not only our reason to celebrate, but also our knowledge. Over the past 20 years we have acquired a lot of knowledge and best practices concerning the development of organisations and we are continuously investing in research to keep our knowledge up to date. Subscribe to our weekly OD updates & we will share all this with you! Look forward to inspiring content on how to enhance your organisations success, your employees performance and your impact as a leader!