Work & Impact.

We believe that being Real is the key to helping organisations and their leaders perform above challenging business environments. As champions of Leadership, Change, Culture, PeoplePerformance, and Service, we are passionate about coaching, equipping, and empowering leaders to face their business realities with humility, courage, and maturity. We help organisations confront brutal facts with actions and not defence. We develop and design organisation-wide solutions that enable them to act in faith with a strong resolve to bring their visions to life. 

Having impacted more than 135,000 individuals from more than 600 organisations in 17 industries across Asia, Europe and the United States, we love seeing people grow into their fullest leadership potential. With a dedicated research and development team, we develop the Real Series of OD solutions to synthesise decades of practitioner experience with psychology, organisation development, and neuroscience findings. Apart from advocating global best-practices, we bring a strong contextual understanding of implementing these international frameworks within the pan-Asian cultural context. In doing so, we facilitate a flow of transformation as organisations in Asia and beyond constantly seek to evolve their practices — to bring the best out of their people.