Real Leaders™

It's not a dream: leaders at all levels can drive performance and shape culture. Discover the "Who-ness" and "What-ness" of real leadership with PACE Real Leaders™ comprehensive suite of customisable OD solutions: 360° Feedback Assessments coupled with powerful Skills Equipping Workshops, Milestone Journeys that ensure sustenance of organisation effectiveness through your leaders. 

Facilitated by PACE very own certified masters Dr. Peter ChengDr. Lily Cheng and Ms. Jean Lee, participants can look forward to an enlightening leadership development experience by delving into the 8 essentials of real leadership and shape the organisation culture that drives result to attain organisation outcomes.  Read More


The Leadership Challenge®

PACE is also proud to partner global authors in bringing The Leadership Challenge®, Leading with Questions™, and Dialogue: The Art of Thinking Together™ to leaders all across Asia.

PACE has the strongest certified masters team in Asia comprising Dr. Peter Cheng, Dr. Lily Cheng and Ms. Jean Lee who have brought the leadership challenge program to multi-national corporations practically to all regional countries. They have impacted thousands of leaders who in turn impacted the people to deliver extraordinary outcome for their organisation. Read More


Culture and mindset shifts are often a challenging to embed within the critical mass of an organisation. PACE Real Culture™ 4-step values-driven framework has been proven to help organisations achieve much-needed clarity, realisation and alignment of their desired culture.


Performance & Talent Management is the cornerstone of every organisation's business outcomes. Developed to enhance employee performance, engagement and retention, PACE Real Performance™ series of customisable OD solutions help employees discover their line of sight to the organisation's goals, equips managers with coaching and conversation skills, and helps leaders and HR professionals to retain and engage their talents.


People Development Solutions

People are the main drivers of any organisation — our executive development framework has made a difference to multi-nationals and large organisations with an ROI system that has helped our partners to raise their people to the next level. Enquire on a specific people development need so that we can customise an OD solution that fits your needs.


Service excellence might seem to be the holy grail of customer-facing businesses — but PACE Real Service™ series of customisable service excellence programmes are designed to be delivered in modular and bite-sized sessions that build up the confidence of your frontline staff and help them to build authentic relationships that will keep your customers coming back for more. Train the Trainer programmes are also available.


Strategy Solutions

A business strategy gives purpose to the organisation’s existence, providing direction for all its supporting business activities. We provide a proven structure that guides quality strategic thinking in leaders, facilitating and unlocking the strategic thinking competencies of the organisations we work with. 


Change Solutions

Drawing from Dr. Lily Cheng's research on the 9 Enablers of Change, we work with business leaders to raise the success rate of implementing change initiatives in their organisation, allowing leaders and teams to adapt quickly in an environment where change is the norm.