The Leadership Challenge - 5 Exemplary Leadership Practices

Dr. Lily Cheng on encouraging the heart.

Dr. Peter Cheng on the importance of inspiring a shared vision.

Dr. Peter Cheng on modelling the way as a leader.

Jean Lee on the importance of challenging the process as a leader.

Dr. Lily Cheng on enabling others to act.

1 Minute OD

Dr. Peter Cheng explains how learnings can be transformed into actual results.

Here’s Jean sharing with you how to have meaningful appraisal conversations!

Dr. Peter Cheng on what it takes to become a real leader!

To better engage employees, manager need to provide clearer career roadmaps.

Watch Jon explain how to embrace changes that come with digital transformation!

Watch Bethany share her tips on how to improve time management!

Here’s Jon sharing with you the four principles of goal setting.

A vision is seeing the future as though it is happening right in front of your eyes. How can you inspire a shared vision to engage your employees?

Jonathan brings you 3 important questions to ask as a new leader in a team!

Dr. Lily Cheng sharing on 3 components of trust and how you can build/rebuild trust in organisations!

Ask the OD Doctors Live

How can we include or enable people amidst digital disruption in the workplace? 

Find out more in the video. 

We have officially launched our digital learning app, Realyse! Find out more in the video on the story behind Realyse and how it can be a solution for your organisation. 


Relating to a recent news article on speaking up, Dr. Lily Cheng and Jean Lee share about the importance of having Real Conversations as well as the courage to do so. Find out more in the video above! 


Happy Chinese New Year from all of us here at PACE! Today, we introduce a brand new host for the “Ask the OD Doctors” series, alongside the familiar and ever-helpful Dr. Peter Cheng, who shares his thoughts on the difference between enabling and empowering individuals.

Many organisations are talking about increasing Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace. What do they mean and how do we go about it? In this episode, Dr. Lily Cheng shares about Diversity and Inclusion in the context of Asia!

A focus on employee experience has been identified as a key HR trend of 2018! In our very first episode of Ask the OD Doctors Live for the year, our senior OD consultant Jean Lee enlightens us with her insights on employee experience!


In our final episode of Ask the OD Doctors Live for the year 2017, Dr. Peter Cheng sheds light on Asking Disturbing Questions and also leaves us with some questions to think about as the year comes to a close!

Christmas comes early at PACE as our whole team joins in a chorus to bring you Christmas carols! It's also PACE's 19th anniversary and we're excited to now enter our 20th year of advancing organisations!


With Millennials - the largest generation of Singapore's workforce - expecting to leave their current employers in the next two years, what can be done to retain talented employees? Jean Lee weighs in with insights from OD!

What exactly is container building in an organisational context and what happens when you don't have a container? Dr. Peter Cheng shares his perspectives and advice.


In this episode of Ask the OD Doctors Live, Dr. Lily Cheng shares her insights on leadership development - an issue that continues to be a priority for organisations around the world.

With many businesses doing away with annual performance appraisals, our senior OD Consultant, Jean Lee, reviews performance management and shares valuable and candid insights!


Our very first guest on the series, ex-IT millionaire and founder of Motivation Factor, Helle Bundgaard, comes all the way from Denmark, and brings with her a wealth of experience, sharing from her neuropsychology research on motivation and strategic connection!

In the week leading up to the Real Motivation Symposium, Dr. Peter Cheng brings back the Hierarchy of Motivation and also sheds light on how to be "in the flow"!


As we gear up to the Real Motivation Symposium on 22 September 2017, Dr. Lily Cheng dives deeper into the topic of motivation, with a special focus on Motivation in Times of Change!

Our third episode of Ask the OD Docs Live with Dr. Peter Cheng sharing about employee motivation - a very pressing issue especially here in Singapore where employees are found to be the least engaged in Asia!


Our second FB Live episode of Ask the OD Docs Live! Real time insights on Real Leadership from Dr. Lily Cheng (plus special meaning on the Chinese characters "生意")!


Our very first FB live episode where Dr. Peter Cheng addresses questions on Real Leadership in real time!

OD Alive - Insights on OD made alive by our in-house productions!

Go on a journey through the History of Organisation Development with our very first in-house production!


PACE on 938LIVE Radio

Featuring an encore of the 938LIVE Breakfast Club radio show with Keith De Souza interviewing Helle Bundgaard, Founder of Danish company, Motivation Factor, and PACE Founders Dr. Lily Cheng and Dr. Peter Cheng.

Meaningful performance conversations are a shared responsibility, ongoing, and can be formal or informal. Have you engaged in a meaningful performance conversation at work recently?