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Real Leaders

Engage, Inspire and transform people

Real Leaders

Trust in organisational leadership has eroded amidst continuous global corporate frauds and scandals over the last two decades. Organisations and leaders now have to act intentionally to regain the trust of their people and external stakeholders to rebuild the confidence in leadership to get things done for their people and organisations. 

People respond to leaders who are trustworthy and inspire confidence, bringing out the best in them to achieve extraordinary results for their organisation. Real leaders engage in transformational behaviours beyond managers’ transactional routines.

The Real Leaders™ programme transcends transactional behaviours to transformational   behaviours and delves into the heart of leadership. That is, being real to continually engage, inspire and transform people to become better than they could ever imagine.

The Real Leaders™ holistic leadership development solution consists of:

360 Feedback Assessment
Real Leaders™ Skill-Equipping Workshop
Real Leaders™ Milestone Journey




Research-based Leadership Programme


The programme based on the Real Leaders™ Framework that stems from Dr. Lily Cheng and Dr. Peter Cheng’s research and years of practitioner experience. 


Real Leaders™ combines a deep understanding of both Western and Asian perspectives to bring you a leadership development programme that works no matter your background or unique culture. It is applicable to all levels of leadership — from new leaders to C-suite leaders.

Holistic Leadership Programme
Impactful Leadership Programme


Real Leaders™ is a transformative and revolutionary programme that empowers leaders to engage, inspire and transform their people for organisational excellence. It is based on the 8 Essentials of Real Leadership™, which are found to predict 27 positive outcomes on constituents behaviours. Published in the white paper “Impact of Real Leaders on their constituents”, these outcomes have been proven to inspire constituents to follow and contribute their best, pushing the
team and organisation to greater heights.

Like a single tile in a chain of dominoes, real leaders are positive tipping points, impacting first their immediate networks to bring about positive social change for the collective good.
— Dr. Peter Cheng, Leading OD Doctor
360 Feedback Assessment

The Real Leaders 360° Feedback Assessment System is designed to help leaders garner feedback from their observers on their demonstration of the 8 essentials of real leaders that include Character, Conviction With Courage, Credibility, Shape Culture, Competence, Creating an Inclusive Environment, Compassion and Drive Performance. 

The assessment comprises of: 

  • 40 Behavioural Statements

  • 8 Key Leadership Development Areas

  • Printable, Detailed Report

  • Optional Group Report

Through this assessment, leaders will gain insights into how others perceive them in terms of  their frequency in demonstrating the 8 Essentials at the workplace  and identify areas where they can initiate a positive change within the organisation based on the feedback.

Apart from the quantitative feedback, the Real Leaders 360° Feedback Assessment also captures qualitative feedback from the observers, providing holistic clarity to the feedback that is essential for the participating leaders to devise development plans.