Senior leaders will get feedback that mirrors their effectiveness in demonstrating competency behaviours that are instrumental for spelling their success as leaders of leaders.


Organisation Leader Competencies

The Assessment comprises 12 competencies and 60 behaviours. The senior leaders will receive feedback on their Internal and External Business Engagement as well as People Engagement competencies.


Internal Business Engagement

The competencies that fall under Internal Business Engagement are Upholding Ethics and Values, Seasoned Judgement, Lead Change and Growth Drive. 

External Business Engagement

The competencies that fall under External Business Engagement are Visionary Thinking, Global Orientation, Partnership Building and Customer Insights.

People Engagement

The competencies that fall under People Engagement are Influence Others, Enable Others, Build Teams and Value Talents & Diversity.




PACE360° Feedback Interpretation Service

To ensure that you reap the full benefits from your assessment results, a PACE360° Certified Facilitator will guide you through the interpretation of the results.

Executive Coaching

Coaching to develop the critical competencies based on the assessment.