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Real Motivation™ Survey Plus Workshop


Traditional employee motivation programmes often take a one-size-fits all approach, but they fail to get desired results because individual motivation is deeply personal and situational. The science-backed Motivation Factor® framework developed by Helle Bundgaard demystifies the art of motivation, and will equip you with the skills to measure and work with individual factors that ignite action towards personal and organisational goals.

Real Motivation™ Survey Plus

Powered by Motivation Factor® and ideal for organisations interested to address team-level motivation, the Real Motivation™ Survey Plus workshop thoroughly explores how a team can build on its Needs and Talents to stay motivated. The workshop also addresses the team's assets and challenges and provides an opportunity for the team to develop realistic, measurable action plans.

In this one-day workshop, participants will...

1. Gain insights into their team's top five Needs and Talents, Total Motivation, Motivation Capability, Intrinsic Motivation and Strategic Connection based on their team’s Survey Plus assessment report

2. Better understand their team's Needs and discover ways to better meet them

3. Explore their team's High Score Questions and develop an action plan to maintain these assets

4. Explore their team's Low Score Questions and develop an action plan to address these challenges

5. Better understand their team's Talents and discover ways to better leverage them

Who should attend?
HR, HRD and L&D professionals, line managers, business owners, and C-Suite leaders who seek a firsthand experience of how Real Motivation™ will benefit their teams. Individuals who desire to take control and ownership of their own motivation will also find the workshop highly beneficial!

When's the Real Motivation™ Survey Plus workshop?
9am - 5pm on 26 Oct 2017 (Thu)

What's the investment for your organisation?
The Real Motivation™ Survey Plus workshop costs $580 participant (which includes the Survey Plus assessment token, lunch, and tea breaks).

Sign up now and you're on your way to cracking the code to sustained motivation!