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Reali-Tea Exchange

On Wednesday, 23 August 2017 from 3-5pm, we will explore leadership development and the intricacies of influencing a positive attitude towards behavioural change through the use of 360 feedback. While 360 feedback participants might have a tendency to view such feedback assessments with a being-appraised mentality, a skilful 360 feedback facilitator will be able to help these subjects embrace the feedback and embark on a developmental plan. This Reali-Tea Exchange gives HROD & L&D professionals and C-Suite leaders an opportunity to gain insight into leadership development through the skilful administration of a 360 feedback exercise.

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to Aug 31

The Leadership Challenge® Workshop

PACE is proud to present our upcoming public run of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop on 30 - 31 August 2017! As the first Certified Masters in Asia, we're here to help you to understand, experience and apply The Leadership Challenge® model, developed by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, to help you practically achieve extraordinary outcomes in your leadership development journey. 

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Real Leaders Essentials: Engage, Inspire and Transform

In our VUCA business world where corporate fraud has increased and one in three employees doesn’t trust their employer (Edelman Trust Barometer 2016), we are in need of Real Leaders who are guided by a set of values, morals and ethical conduct. The essence of WHO they are — their admirable Character, Conviction with Courage and Credibility — influences WHAT they do as leaders: they demonstrate Competence, Create an Inclusive Environment and show Compassion for others.

Come and explore our Real LeadersTM total leadership development solutions at our event Real Leaders Essentials: Engage, Inspire and Transform on 21 July 2017.

PACE is sponsoring two seats for every organisation. Please drop us a note at if your organisation would like to send more than two representatives.

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