Leaders are often expected to have all the answers and there is a tendency to neglect the fact that asking good questions matter just as much.

Faced with a looming talent management crisis and a concern for employee engagement across all levels and generations, possessing the requisite skills for asking good questions is increasingly critical in helping leaders further enhance employee commitment and retention.

Based on the book of the same name, written by Dr. Marquardt, Leading With Questions®, a leadership intervention instructionally designed by PACE, equips leaders with the ability to ask powerful questions that will generate short-term results and long-term learning and success. Leaders will learn to use questions as a means to encourage participation and teamwork, foster out-of-the-box thinking, empower others, build relationships with customers, solve problems, and much more.


  • Senior Managers and Managers who would like to learn the intricacies on how to develop and empower others through the use of Questions to achieve team, departmental and organisational goals.



  • Greater effectiveness as a leader
  • Sharpened competitive advantage
  • Increased workforce empowerment



  • Concept sharing
  • Case study analysis
  • Video learning
  • Role simulations
  • Experiential learning activities
  • Fish bowl learning session
  • Personal action plan


  1. Learners will:
  • Understand and appreciate the compelling power of quality questions in leading and empowering people for great performance.
  • Appreciate the powerful functions of questions.
  • Learn the roles of a leader in developing questioning culture in the organisation.
  • Differentiate judging and learning attitudes in questioning.
  • Acquire the competencies to formulate great questions to unleash the potential in others.
  • Identify and apply questions to inspire others, frame problems, make decisions, build relationships, motivate people, and encourage powerful learning experience.
  • Develop skills and strategies to lead teams more effectively with questions.
  • Learn to use great questions to shape organisation strategy and change.