This program essentially translates the 5 practices from The Leadership Challenge® into a program designed for individuals who have the capacity to lead and influence others. Stemming from the same research basis, Leadership is Everyone’s Business® supports the philosophy that leadership is not a position reserved for the few at the top. It is a voyage of self-discovery that begins with an expedition into one's inner terrain and ends with the commitment to act on what one has learnt. This program means to challenge mental models of leadership and break down assumptions that leadership has to be a formally assigned position, resulting in a more powerful driving force for leadership within individuals, shaping the leadership language to be “I choose to lead” instead of “I need to lead”.


Target Learners

New Managers, Executives and Supervisors who would like to acquire the essentials to lead and influence others.


Return on Investment

  • Strong net income and stock price growth
  • Greater employee job satisfaction and commitment attitudes
  • Better performance and retention rates
  • Larger leadership impact


Instructional Design

  • Concept sharing
  • Case analysis
  • Video learning
  • Experiential activities
  • Simulation activities
  • Personal action plan
  • 360 degree feedback, the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)
  • Community of Practice session


Key Learning Deliverables

  • Learn that leadership is indeed everyone's responsibility and business.
  • Learn the five exemplary leadership practices that are necessary for achieving extraordinary outcomes.
  • Identify their existing leadership strengths and areas to improve on.
  • Internalise and apply The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®.
  • Create an action plan for taking the next steps in their development as a leader.