Like a single tile in a chain of dominoes, real leaders are positive tipping points, impacting first their immediate networks to bring about positive social change for the collective good.
— Dr. Peter Cheng, Leading OD Doctor

What makes a Leader Real?

Learn more about the Who-ness and What-ness of Real Leaders™ and the 8 Essentials of Real Leadership!


Are you a Real Leader?

Find out now! Take our Real Leaders™ Lite Assessment that is based on the 8 Essentials of Real Leadership.


We believe that being Real is the key for organisations and their leaders to inculcate authenticity that is so critically needed in this scandals-tainted and political business world. 


What impact do Real Leaders™ have on their constituents?

Research by Dr. Peter Cheng and Dr. Lily Cheng shows there are 27 hypothesised impacts of Real Leadership behaviours on their constituents! Find out more in our white paper.


How to be a Real Leader™

Real leaders are authentic. They make a positive impact on individuals and the community they live in. Real leadership is more than just a position. It can be practiced by anyone who has a desire to make an ennobling difference to others and themselves.


The 8 Essentials of Real Leadership Explained

Our Real Leaders Faculty explains each essential in these short videos!