LEADERSHIP development


Leadership is the artistic ability to influence others to willingly contribute their time, talents and relevant resources towards achieving a common goal for all. What differentiates a leader from a manager is that the latter focuses on getting things done effectively (transactional) while the former demonstrates behaviours that go beyond being transactional to develop and transform people. 
As leadership is behavioural-based, it can be developed at all levels of the organisation, albeit with different areas of focus and emphasis. 
Research has shown that the foundation to effective leadership is credibility. Simply, leaders must be trustworthy in the eyes of their constituents. 

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Engage, Inspire and Transform People

Dedicated to advancing organisations and building leaders through research-based OD solutions, Dr. Lily Cheng and Dr. Peter Cheng researched on what makes a Real Leader who can engage, inspire and transform their constituents to achieve performance excellence, drawing from their  years of practitioner experience and empirical data in developing leaders across over 14 countries. 

They observed that Real Leaders demonstrated eight key essentials comprising of leadership behaviours that are precursors to such performance excellence and organisational success.

Our Real Leaders™ Programme is a holistic leadership development solution, designed to equip leaders at all levels with the eight key essentials.



The Leadership Challenge® is the original research work of by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, who set out to understand the behaviours of leaders at their leadership best. 
After hundreds of interviews, case studies and survey questionnaires, they discovered there were Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® common to all leaders at their leadership best. This continues to prove its effectiveness at liberating the leader in everyone to this day.

PACE offers The Leadership Challenge® workshop, recognised worldwide as one of the most practical model of leadership development. PACE has the best faculty in Asia for The Leadership Challenge®, with three Certified Masters for The Leadership Challenge® - two of whom were the first two Certified Masters in Asia. The title of Certified Master is conferred only on those who have demonstrated their commitment and mastery of The Leadership Challenge®, in addition to having a wide range of organisation development experiences.