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Real Leaders


Amid an increasingly volatile and fraudulent business landscape, Dr. Peter and Dr. Lily Cheng were driven to uncover the essence of a Real Leader - a leader who is able to inspire his/her constituents to attain ever-increasing organisational success. Based on their over 30 years of experience, Real Leaders™ is a transformative and revolutionary programme that empowers leaders to engage, inspire and transform their people for organisational excellence.

Real Leaders™, based on the 8 Essentials of Real Leadership™, is an all-encompassing leadership development programme with 360° Feedback Assessments, powerful skills-equipping workshops and milestone journeys. The Real Leaders™ programme transcends transformational and transactional leadership development and delves into the heart of leadership. It combines a deep understanding of both Western and Asian values to bring you a leadership development programme that works no matter your background or unique culture.

The 8 Essentials of Real Leadership™ are able to predict 27 positive outcomes on constituents’ behaviour. These outcomes have been proven to inspire constituents to follow and contribute their best, pushing the team and organisation to greater heights.


“Highly recommended for leaders wishing to connect with their teams and transform their operations to high performing, world-class organisations.”
— Francis S. Del Val, Former President of GlaxoSmithKline

The Leadership Challenge®

Pace also offers The Leadership Challenge® workshop, recognised worldwide as one of the most practical model of leadership development. Pace has the best faculty in Asia for The Leadership Challenge®, with 3 Certified Masters for The Leadership Challenge® - 2 of which are the first 2 Certified Masters in Asia. The title of Certified Master is granted only to those who have demonstrated their commitment and mastery of The Leadership Challenge®, in addition to having a wide range of organisation development experiences.

The Leadership Challenge® recognises that leadership is not about personality, but behaviours. This grew out of rigorous research by co-authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, who set out to understand the behaviour of leaders at their leadership best. Hundreds of interviews, case studies and survey questionnaires later, they discovered there were Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® common to all leaders at their leadership best. This continues to prove its effectiveness at liberating the leader in everyone to this day.